Reign Of The Dark Knight: A New Hope

This is a powerful (and funny) parable of salvation.  Through the adventures of three little knights Moe, Joe, and Boe — children will see how God allowed Satan free in order to teach us about both his power and mercy.  End with a surprising death and resurrection of the main character, the King’s Son, the Champion.  This is a special series, each stands alone, but is part of a four part saga!

The Dark Knight plans to put all his captives in a canon and shoot them to a thrift store.

The Champion arrives to the rescue.

The Dark Knight defeats him.

However, the Champion resurrects and finally defeats the Dark Knight because Moe called upon the name of the Champion, Jesus.

Moe, Joe, and Boe are free at last, and Boe is back to bumping everywhere because of his huge helmet.

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