All Things Are Possible!

Kermit is reporting ‘on location’ in Pastor Karl’s home office interviewing his action figures when he discovers Buzz Lightyear explaining to Gonzo that toys can’t fly. Buzz later on learns that with faith, all things are possible!

Kermit focuses his report on Buzz Lightyear who believes that toys can’t fly. Scooter challenged Buzz to put his faith in Pastor Karl’s hands to prove that toys can indeed fly.

Buzz prepares himself and is amazed what flying power he has when he trusted Pastor Karl!

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  1. Cindy Gibson Says:

    I teach a Wednesday night class for smaller children and I am always looking for fresh and fun teaching ideas to share the gospel message. I am so excited and blessed to have found your site! I am going to us your videos as an opening into my lesson each week to get the thoughts rolling! What a fun way to relate to our children using things they see every day…their toys! Blessings to you in all that you do!

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