Test Temptation

It is exam time in a local school in Toybox Tale Land. Melissa is tempted by her friends to cheat as they got a hold of the answers.  Melissa asks Jesus to help her resist, and she did.  Turns out the questions were all scrambled so those who cheated got 100% wrong!

The World History exam is coming up and Melissa’s friend told her that she can get her the answers to all the questions!

Melissa didn’t want to cheat so she prayed to Jesus to give her strength to resist temptation.

Josie got all the answers ready, which were from the same test from last year, but Melissa refuses to get them. Josie got mad and told Melissa that she’s not her friend anymore.

Josie and her cheating friends were so happy because they know they’d get a 100% on the test. But the teacher told them that she scrambled the answers from last year’s test. So those trying to cheat would get 100% wrong!

The teacher congratulated Melissa for not cheating and doing her best.

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