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All the videos on this website are free for viewing. If you would like to have downloads to save on your computer or to show at church, there are TWO WAYS to have access to ALL the downloads on this site. (There are 97 videos, and every single one of them kids LOVE!)

1) Join All* the ToyBox Tale videos (Seasons 1-4) on this site are available for download on for All Access Members. If you are already an All Access Member of, simply go here: Kidology ToyBox Tales Download Page.


2) Pay a ONE TIME fee for access to all the downloads on this site (Seasons 1-4) located in the Digital ToyBox. You will be given a password to a special page where they are all listed and downloadable. Most are in Windows Media format (WMV) though a few are QuickTime (MOV). This is a one time fee for the password to access all the videos from 2003-2005.*

If you would like to purchase access to ALL the ToyBox Tales on this site, simply send a non-refundable donation via PayPal using the choices below. (You do not need to have a PayPal account to make a payment.) $20 is the basic fee; however, if this is for church use and you can afford it, we’d appreciate a $30 gift. We even added a $50 option for those who want to really bless us and help cover the significant hosting costs of maintaining this site.

Please note: This fee is non-refundable as it grants you lifetime access to all the 2001-2004 ToyBox Tale videos, and it is clear in advance what is being purchased due to 100% of the videos being streamed online for preview purposes. We have no way to turn off your access once the password has been given. While the quality of the downloads is better than you see online, it is a minor improvement, allowing for projection viewing. No refunds are given. Thank you for understanding.


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After completing your purchase you will be given the access code to the downloads page. DO NOT LOSE THE ACCESS CODE. After 30 days the code will not be re-issued.

TO GET YOUR ACCESS CODE – After you process your purchase via (you do not need a PayPal account) you will see the following button:

Click this button (on your order confirmation page on and it will bring you back to this site and to a secret page with the access code for the Digital Toybox. (If for some reason you do not get this thank you page, simply e-mail from the e-mail you used to make your purchase. We normally respond within 48 business hours.

* Nearly all the videos on this site are included on the Digital ToyBox download page. The only exceptions are videos made after 2006, such as those available for sale in Kidology Online Training videos that were featured here on this site or Object Talks from DiscipleTown curriculum. Ninety-seven videos are currently available on the site. (98 if you count the secret link!)