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June 1, 2003

N'Sync with God

The was hanging out and talked about what they did during the weekend.  Justin got their curiosity because he attended church and learned about God.

Feb. 23, 2003

I'm Sorry Son

Miss Piggy stars in this week's tale in her talk show featuring reconciliation.

Feb. 16, 2003

An Arm and a Leg

Two scientists hire a dummy to test their new experiment.  The dummy had to wait until lunch break was finished, but ended up giving parts of himself to others in need.  He was rejected for the project because he wasn't complete.

Feb. 9, 2003

My Big Brother

A businessman borrowed money from a little girl because he ran out of gas and needed money to fuel his car to go to a meeting. He promised to pay it back and learned a lesson in keeping promises.

Feb. 2, 2003

The Claw

A toy was dropped into the abyss and is trying to find a way out.

Jan. 26, 2003

The Forgiven Bully

A bully bullies Bull and wants to find out how far Bull can forgive because he said he was a Christian.

Jan. 19, 2003

You Only Cheat Yourself

A student forgot that they had a very important spelling test!  He ended up cheating, got a perfect grade, but faced a big consequence afterwards.

Jan. 12, 2003

The Trading Post

A stranger trades good characters of people with bad ones in order to get anything they want.

Jan. 5, 2003

Temptator Eliminator
(Winning entry in VCB Toybox Tales contest)

Johnny was asked by his Mom to buy a light bulb in the store but was tempted to use the money to buy a toy instead.

Nov. 24, 2002

Suey! Suey!

Meet Lance Dodgers, the greatest lawyer in the world.  He was on his way to making lots of money when he was suddenly faced with finding what's in God's will.

Nov. 17, 2002

Beauty and the Beast / King of the World

Once upon a time, there was a man who thought he was the greatest man who ever lived. He learned his lesson the hard way...

Nov. 15, 2002

Reign Of The Dark Knight: A New Hope

The final episode unveils as Moe, Joe, and Boe find a new hope from the Dark Knight's evil scheme.

Nov. 14, 2002

Reign Of The Dark Knight: Dark Knight Strikes Back

The three soldiers are still trying to find a way to defeat the Dark Knight.

Nov. 10, 2002

Reign Of The Dark Knight: Attack Of The Clones

Moe, Joe, and Boe are back with a new mission to try to defeat the Dark Knight.

Nov. 3, 2002

Reign Of The Dark Knight: Release Of The Dark Knight

The Reign Of The Dark Knight series begins as Moe, Joe, and Boe are on a mission to prevent the Dark Knight from escaping.

Oct. 27, 2002

Surprise Birthday

It's Billy's birthday and a surprise party awaits him.

Oct. 20, 2002

Your Planet, Or Else!

Darth Nader invades Toy Box Tales to conquer the galaxy.

Oct. 13, 2002

Ham Solo and the Millenium Ark

Journey with Noah and Ham Solo in a galaxy far far away...

Oct. 6, 2002

Hidden Sin, Crouching Temptation

Discover what this week's special guest has in store...

Sept. 29, 2002

Not An Apple

Toy Box Tales features Miss Piggy on her new talk show.

Sept. 22, 2002

We'll Be Back

Dr. Honeydew is back for another experiment.

Sept. 15, 2002

Something From Nothing

Kermit has a special guest who claims he can create something from nothing.

Sept. 8, 2002

Sin Eliminator

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew has created a machine to wipe away all our sins! Find out to see what happens on his experiment.

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