Next Generation of TBT is Here!

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

For those who have been bugging me to “make more ToyBox Tales” I am excited to let you know about something NEW that is coming to – it is called OBJECT TALKS and the very first sample is below and there are many more to come! In fact, will forward to this site as children everywhere will be watching these new videos in church as part of a BRAND NEW children’s church curriculum coming out THIS FALL!

WANT THE SCOOP? Here is the TOP SECRET ANNOUNCEMENT about the new curriculum:

AND BELOW is the very first SNEAK PEEK pre-release video from this new curriculum. As the YouTube description says, “The next generation of talking toys that teach biblical truths from that crazy creator of, Karl Bastian, is here!” In this first episode, a conversation between a young 10x magnifying glass and his 200x grandfather illustration from Psalm 69:30 what it means to Magnify the Lord. Each lesson in DiscipleTown will include a downloadable Object Talk video to show as part of the lesson.

Every episode will include talking objects, feature scripture and teach a biblical truth. The Object Talks videos will be FREE FOR KIDS to few online here at (or but will be available as a high resolution downloadable video as part of the DiscipleTown curriculum.

More details will be available soon on DiscipleTown. STAY TUNED!