• Congrats on an amazing series of tales. It’s great something so simple is so genius. I pray that God keeps insipiring and leading you in what you do everyday.
    David Chaplin, SA
  • I sometimes laugh harder than the kids at these!! Great job, Pastor Karl!
    Trisha Fites
  • Pastor Karl, we are so in love w/ Toybox Tales. . .we’ve been Kidology subscribers for over a year now and use it weekly!! It’s hands-down the single best resource we pay for.. .love it and can’t say enough about it. However we only really discovered TBT in the past couple of months. And our kids LOVE them. We were recently honored to speak at our state’s youth camp for ages 9-11 and the theme was Christmas (crazy, huh?) Funny christmas stuff can be hard to find. . .thank God for the christmas saga. We used one each night and the kids (and the teens and adult workers) could not wait, it was the highlight of the night. (My personal fave was Mary and Joseph w/ the donkey 4000. .. what a hoot. .I crack up everytime it went fast. .. Well I didn’t mean to write quite so much, but your websites have made a tremendous impact on our ministry. And more than anything you’ve made it easier for us to do a great job . . THANKS!!! N-C-Squared Nortonsville’s Chosen Children
    Pam Collier, Nortonsville Church of God, Charlottesville, VA
  • Hey love it all man. A freind of mine who works with me in Kids Worship introduced me to the Lord Of The Kings. At First, I thought it was only for children. But after watching many more episodes and watching Fruit of the Spirit, it changed my way of watching the Sagas. Now watching the Lord of the Kings Series for the ??? time, it is still good with clean humor that is good enough for the Family with a Noticeable lesson at the end of every episode. Thank you for what you have done.
    Sean Quillen, IN
  • We showed this at our church’s vacation bible school and everyone loved it! We all practically laughed our heads off! It all gave me ideas for the making of my own tale! Toybox Tales rock!
    Sarah, PA
  • This material has really made us realize how much more we need to get in the faces of our kids and challenge them to put these disciplines to work in their lives (and in our own). The kids love TBTs. Keep up the great work.
    Chuck Heimann
  • The kids at church love your shows! In fact, this last Sunday they shouted play it again over and over.
    Laura Watson
  • Pastor Karl, dude this is awesome!!! I had this idea before but not the technology (or follow through) to do it…and I think what you’ve done even tops my imagination of it.. which is hard to do!!! I appreciate all your doing for the kingdom of God… You’re an inspiration to press in to the creative side of the Creator that each one of us have access to!!!!
    Chris Pederen, Edmond, OK
  • I love your Toybox tales. My son has a great imagination and I had never even thought about his love of action figures having a place in God’s kingdom until I saw your productions. Awesome!
    Barb Braswell
  • The kids at our church love Toybox Tales! They ask for them every week. Thanks for the hard work and making these available to us less tech-savvy folks!
    Elisabeth White
  • I am a teacher in Belgium and will show some of your shows to my students at the European School where I teach religious studies to 6-11 years old. Looks very funny and brings the kids in contact with Bible truth in a[n] attractive way … thanks
    Fabian Wuyts
  • Thanks for all you do, Karl. The kids love this stuff. (The adults do, too).
    David Robinson, Pennsylvania
  • We stumbled across your site by accident tonight and it’s hysterical. It’s like the Bible for geeks!!! We laughed and laughed. Maybe tomorrow we’ll let our kids watch it… but for now it’s our secret!
    Trudy & Jason Cole
  • We totally enjoy your creativity and humor. That alone would hardly make a ministry. Thank you for translating scriptural concepts into toyese. With grateful thanks.
    The Brills
  • Hi Pastor Karl. Your tales are awesome. They connect with my two boys (and me) like you would not believe!! They watch Pt 3 of the Lion, the Really Bad Lady, and the Wardrobe over and over. The transformation of Aslan slays us every time. Thanks for sharing your God-given talent and impacting my children for Jesus!
    Jeff Davis
  • You are amazing! The kids enjoy you, but we youth workers do too! I almost wish we had a Sunday Night Live telecast for the high school and college groups featuring, of course, Toybox Tales. Thanks for allowing God to use you in such a creative and wonderful way. My favorite is the Dude of Gratitude, with take your baby to work day attached–of course.
    Lynne M. Thompson, Modesto, CA
  • I had been planning a Fruit of the Spirit series when I came across your Toy Box Tales. The kids love them! They are so excited about coming to kid’s church to see the next tale. A few kids who are moving up to the youth program soon, requested that they be allowed to stay in kid’s church until after this series is complete. Thank you for all [that] you do. The Kidology website is a huge help to me too.
    Darcy Land, Florida
  • Karl, thanks for such an inspirational site. I am using your ideas here in the UK. It has been so great to find another way of presenting Biblical truths to kids, I am using “Darth Pharaoh and the crossing the Red Jello” at the moment in 25 Local schools the teachers love the story as much as the children!
    Kevin Bald, UK
  • I wish you could see my daughter right now. She is basically doing a Toybox Tale with G.I. Joes and all the Star Wars pez dispensers (6) we have! She is making it up as she goes along and it is so funny. Thanks for being such a charming role model.
    Kelly K
  • Hi! I happened upon TBT last fall and I love them! The kids love them almost as much as we teachers/adults do! Thanks so much for being faithful and creative in your ministry! Thank you for being committed to your ministry and creative with it too! I’m sure it was a leap of faith starting this ministry. I know it has enriched our children’s service on Sunday mornings a great deal! Keep up the fantastic work! God bless.
    Amanda Archer
  • Thank you for “Tales From the Toybox!” We have used the concept in our children’s ministry (we call ours “Playtime Parables.”) It is rare that we hit a “home run” the first time at bat, but that’s exactly what happened. I’m still getting the kinks out of my presentation (“Teacher Tim…I can’t see Tarzan’s head!”), but the kids love it, mistakes and all…. thank you for your ministry.
    Tim O’Neill, Children’s Ministries Director
  • I’m a 19 year old college student, and these things are hilarious. Even more so, they grab your attention and teach an awesome lesson. I just wanted to thank you for sharing this awesome message and talent, and may God continue to bless you!
    Daniel West, North Carolina
  • Pastor Karl, I knew you were creative, and fun, full of energy and loved kids, but I had no idea!! My kids LOVE the tales from the toybox!!! It reminds me of my high school days, when my friends and I used to shoot video of short story spoof films starring ourselves. Those are great memories. I thank God for giving you the talent and desire to share your creativity with everyone. Thank you!!!
    His Love,
    Marjie Kozlowski
  • These are so good! I am in children’s ministries at my church and this is such a good idea! I was looking on Kidology for some puppet ideas and came across the toybox. I just wanted to say you all are doing a great job! God bless!
    Natalie Francois, North Carolina
  • …every single time your toybox tales has got the kids and their parents crying and howling with laughter, yet they always got the message! Even mentioning the words Johnny Proton, or red jello, even, they can’t help but giggle. We all love ’em and are very anxious for any new ones!
    Grace Cramer, Washington
  • You are doing an excellent job with your Toybox Tales ministry. I must say that my kids like your shows a lot more than veggie tales as well as my adult volunteers. Keep up the great work! Your website and Toybox Tales have been more useful and beneficial to my ministry than any other website I have ever found. Thank you for this ministry.
    Curtis Ray
  • We show a Toybox Tale every Wednesday Night for our Wild and Wacky Wednesdays and the kids look forward to them. When it’s time for a Toybox Tale they clap and cheer! Thank you so much for your hard work for God’s children. (And the rest of us grown kids too!)
    Kim Ross
  • I’ve sent at least two e-mails letting you know how much I enjoy these tales. Just one more to say thank you and they’re becoming a regular part of my curriculum! I honestly don’t know who likes them more…the children or the staff! Thanks again!
    Becky Miller
  • I have just started a new series — helping and teaching our kids to find and seek God’s purpose in their lives. Imagine my delight when I checked in at Toy Box Tales and there was a brand new tale — exactly what I was teaching on. I have been using toy box tales for over a year and the kids just LOVE them! Thanks for blessing the kids ministry at my church with this creative teaching tool!
    Shelly Calcagno, Ontario, Canada
  • I laughed so hard I almost fell off my chair! I do very similar things with my kids and they all laugh at me, but heh! they get it!
    Amelie March
  • Dear Pastor Karl, I lead a group of 40 kids (1st-3rd Gr.) Wednesday nights. Midway through the season last year I was DESPERATE for material to fill some of our closing sessions. I do believe God led me to you… and your wonderful wacky world. At the end of the year, I surveyed the children for what they loved most and what they hated. You’ll be pleased to hear you made the loved list many times and the hated list never! (You need to understand that you competed with snacks here.) You are still a big hit this year. So thank you for your efforts and generosity in sharing your work. You are impacting more children than the Count could ever count!
    Bruce Strangfeld, Eau Claire, WI
  • THANK YOU!! You’ll never know how much your Toybox Tales have helped me. I’ve been a Children’s Pastor for 11 years and this is the first time I’ve found something that I know will work with our group that is so well done. It saves us so much work! Thank you again and I look forward to seeing more…much more!
    Becky Miller
  • My goodness!!! My 14 & 9 year old loved it so much. They were laughing so hard but yet learning about the Lord. Excellent job!
    Griselda Almonte
  • You had me laughing again this week Karl with your Swedish Chef! The new site looks super! You sure have spent a great deal of time on it. Thank you for blessing not only the kids in your own ministry, but the many more kids who you touch through the adults who use your site and ideas! You are definitely practicing multiplication!! Thanks for all of the inspirations you give everyone!
    Dave Truitt
  • This is so awesome. I went to Covenant Bible College in Strathmore, Alberta last year. My teacher, Cindy Carl, was completely obsessed with the toybox tales. She showed Sin Eliminator and another one and it had us rolling. She was inspiring us to go beyond the textbooks. We were instantly hooked! This is great for anyone, not only kids! Thanks!
  • The Red Sea with the Jell-O made me laugh so loudly that the whole staff came to see what was up. I will never look at Jell-O the same way again. Ha Ha! I have come to love this series and more importantly so have our kids. Keep it up. I know you must get tired, but you and your team are impacting tons for the Kingdom.
    Your friend in Sunny Sarasota Florida, John Carico
  • I just started using TT for our children’s portion of our Sunday evening service last week with Sin Eliminator, the kids loved it and asked to see it again and again.
    Melissa Hetherington
  • I could not wait for disk to arrive. I had to download some just to watch. What a blessing. We are just starting a new children’s ministry and this is a great help. The kids really enjoy our Children’s Church program and look forward to coming back each week. (The adults love it too!)
    Rich Bukowski Assoc. pastor Temple Baptist Church Ft. Myers, FL
  • Just wanted to tell you that we showed The Sin Eliminator tonight at Shine! (Our kids club) The kids were mesmerized. My husband had it downloaded onto his laptop and was able to show it full-screen on the TV at the church — very good resolution on the broadband download level. We showed it at the end of the evening. Trust me — the fact that they were quiet as they watched this was not much short of a miracle.
    Pam Helt, Newport, Oregon
  • The Toy Box Rocks! Just a note on your toy box adventures. Two words “Way Cool.” I threw it up on the big screen at “Friday Night K.R.A.Z.E” and the kids loved it. Keep it up and God bless. I thought I was the only Children’s Pastor who actually bought a Jesus Action Figure, “with poseable arms & gliding action.”
    Pastor Tim
  • Talk about limitless possibilities!! What a great way to “spoof” off many characters the kids know and use them to get across a Biblical message. I can’t wait to start our own filming.
    John Carico
  • I want to thank you for the ingenious way of presenting the Christmas story with your toys for five weeks. Our kids loved them and it was a great way to get the kids focused every Sunday.
    Gary Lewis
  • We have Family Sunday every second Sunday of the month, and there is a children’s emphasis/sermon during the worship service. I got the newsletter, saw the videos and decided to show the Zechariah video. The kids and adults loved it!
    Henry Zonio, Corvallis, Oregon
  • I love the “Toybox Tales” and it is yet just another way you have challenged me. Thanks for being creative, that is what challenges me. Your friend in Kansas City – Pastor
    Todd McKeever
  • Karl, you have done it again with another great tool for children’s pastors everywhere. I took your idea and am performing live Toybox Tales on a mini-stage and projecting it to a big screen every week. All 150 kids in my children’s church love it. It adds “PUNCH” to our children’s ministry each Sunday. Keep it coming!
    Ryan Frank, Children’s Pastor at Liberty Baptist Church
  • I was rolling on the floor laughing! Thanks so much for sharing this great idea! …I think even the teens will get a real kick out of this. Thanks SO much!!
    Marc Galaske, Columbia, MO
  • What a great resource! This really helps us reinforce! We had a visitor last week that was invited specifically because of this. He just laughed and laughed at the “tales”. Thank you for giving us such awesome tools to use — blessings.
    Deb Diehl
  • These Toybox Tales are great! I like how it was “Rated C for Church”. It was awesome! Suggestion: What if you made one about how you shouldn’t complain and whine? My 5-Year-Old sister would learn a lot from that!!!
    Unknown older brother