There are several series’ on the site that are best viewed or shown to kids in order:

The Reign of the Dark Knight

This was the first series Karl did and there are high school kids that still quote lines from it! “Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum, Who Stole My Bubble Gum!” This series is a powerful parable explaining the background to the Gospel. Not just what Jesus did, but why He had to die for our salvation.

Fruit of the Spirit

A classic and the #1 selling ToyBox Tales DVD. Roy, the Boy of Joy and The Lover Man are two that people mention as their all time favorite ToyBox Tale when they meet Karl.

The Adventures of Panakin Skyhopper

This is what you get when you cross Star Wars with the story of Joseph – though not sure just how Mr. T. got in there!

The Lord of the Kings

This powerful series covers the book at Acts like no other ever has. Starts with Easter and ends with a missionary message to go into all the world. The Enemy of My Enemy is Karl’s favorite.

The Game Show Series

These can be shown independantly, but were done three weeks in a row. Each has a unique and important message to kids: Choosing Jesus as your hero, Choosing your words carefully, and your destination (salvation).

Kermit on Location

While Kermit introduces the vast majority of the ToyBox Tales, this is the only series that was not filmed live in front of children’s church. They are fully edited videos that therefore feature sound fx and other effects not possible in a live presentation. Probably the most difficult was filming live at local McDonald’s with a crowd of people watching the entire time!


Christmas in Playmobile Land

A classic you can show every year without complaints. Karl’s mom didn’t let him watch the Count on Seseme Street (too much like dracula) but he has been redeemed in this series! A touch of romance and a lot of humor bring laughter and fun to a very familar story.

A Galactic Christmas Carol

What do you get when you cross Muppets and Star Wars? The redemption of Darth Vader by three visiting spirits. Gonzo and Rizzo in a galaxy far, far away!

The Lion, The Really Bad Lady, and the Wardrobe

This not only is the last series, but was the end of ToyBox Tales as we know it. After this series, and the 94 Tales before it, Karl took a break from creating ToyBox Tales. Aslan may not be a tame lion, but is he a tame hamster?

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