The Crossing of the Red Sea with Star Wars Figures.

This is the TOYBOX TALE that started it all! Several years ago this was the FIRST Toybox tale I ever did (at camp), and the response to it that lasted over a year is what prompted the idea to use this technique for story telling regularly.

4 Responses to “The Crossing of the Red Sea with Star Wars Figures.”

  1. Lou Grounds Says:

    Wow !

    “Crossing the Red Sea of Jello” is great !

  2. betty Says:

    I loved the way you used the red jello for the red sea…also this is a very creative way for parting and then folding the sea back over the enemy…
    I taught children 0-5 yrs for years, using barbie and ken dolls dressed in bible time outfits.
    the kids loved them.. For the story of Jonah our sea was a huge tupperware box filled with water, kids loved splashing the water for the storm…
    I “stumbled upon your site looking for texas donuts…and have been “stuck” in here for sometime… 🙂 … prayers for God’s blessing for your ministry… great kid object lesson video’s..WOW
    ( hubby and I did lots of object lessons too, the video idea is terrific! great job..)

  3. Lisa Says:

    This is wonderful, I’ve been working with children for many years now and I am always looking for inovative ways to get object lessons across and that will stick in the children’s hearts and minds. I will definitely be sharing this with my children during sunday school and children’s church.

  4. Alie Says:

    Haha, this is to good!
    Love it. 🙂