A Hairy Hero — Samson

A mighty hero is fallen due to his lack of wisdom and trust.  A sad story of failure and lost potential.

The Story of the Mighty Samson!
(original story in the Bible, Judges 13-16)

Story Summary:

Ignoring his mother’s wishes….

Samson looked for himself a foreign wife.

Day in day out, Samson goes out to fight and battle
the evil Turtlestines who have overrun his homeland.
Unable to overpower him, Samson uses his super-human
strength to defeat multiple opponents!

A leader of the Turtlstines comes to pressure
Delilah to discover the secret of her husband’s strength!

After many failed attempts, Samson gives in and
finally tells his devious wife the true secret of his great strength…

While he sleeps dreaming of victorious battles to come,
the beautiful Delilah cuts off his hair-piece!

Without his hair-piece, the mighty Samson is suddenly weak and

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