The Rock

The King of America is giving away his throne. chaussure adidas A bunch of applicants want the position, louboutin soldes but only one can be chosen. timberland femme There were a lot who tried out but Shaggy who was just passing by, air jordan soldes won the crown because he had a servant heart.

Who wants to be the next king? The first applicant is a knight who says he can do the job because he has a sword.

The second applicant says he should be king because he has a sword and can ride a horse.

A whole bunch of applicants came who wanted to be king.

Shaggy and Scooby was walking along and noticed the big rock. chaussures adidas Shaggy moved it away because it might cause an accident for the king.

The king chose Shaggy to be the heir to the throne because he had a servant heart,

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