The Good Byonicle

The royal knights of King Adonai learn to love their neighbors even if they happen to be the evil byonicles. (Story of the Good Samaritan)

The royal knights wanted to hear a story from King Adonai so the king told them about a lego knight who was traveling along the road.

The knight was beat up and robbed by evil dudes.

Other knights passed by but didn’t help the poor victim. A byonicle took pity and helped the knight until all his wounds were healed.

The royal knights learned a good lesson and reached out to their byonicle enemies to become their friends.

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  2. Sheryl Says:

    “That movie was AWESOME!” said my 6 year old son
    My 4 year old son sends “XOXOXOXOXOXO” to you. :)

    This was the first movie we’ve watched here and we loved it! My oldest is off to go play Bionicles.

    Thanks for sharing this!

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