Little Mr. Ryan and Little Ms. Melissa

So what do you do when Pastor Karl takes a break from making new Toybox Tales? You make your own! Enjoy this tale from Pastor Ryan Wolfe of First Christian Church in Canton, Ohio. See Miss Piggy get sacrificed! Watch the “Hammer” defeat an army of evil enemies. Watch Antiochus Vader fail to try to blow out the candles of the Menorah, and more!

Do you have a Toybox Tale that you have filmed? Upload it to the web and send us a link, or mail us a DVD or CD. ugg men We might just add it to the site as well in our new Fan Films area.

Antiochus Vader trashed the temple of the Israelites.

Miss Piggy was terribly sacrificed. Judah Macabee, also known as “Hammer,” came to the rescue and battled the Greeks.

Greeks vs. adidas hamburg Israelites. Trained soldiers vs. 2017 asics farmers. Mochilas Kanken Online The battle was tough but the Israelites won because God was with them.

The Israelites cleaned the temple and God helped the light of the lamp shine for 8 days.

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