What’s NEW at ToyBoxTales.com

Welcome to the ALL NEW ToyBoxTales.com website!

So What’s New?

  • Completely Searchable!
  • Categories of Topics AND Characters
  • Easy to View One-Click Flash Videos
  • Affordable Access to All Downloads on One Page
  • New Products Coming Soon!

The NEW ToyBoxTales.com has been completely redesigned to provide a completely searchable website, faster viewing of videos, and new design style soon to match our product packaging.

You may notice that there are no longer free downloads on the website. First of all, there are a LOT of kids who visit this site, and the download to view method was difficult and confusing for them. Parents have requested simply flash videos for a long time and we are happy to make the site much for kid-friendly.

Secondly, ToyBoxTales.com has been provided completely free of charge as a gift from Kidology.org since 2002. However, the costs of hosting this site due to high traffic, very high data storage and extremely high download bandwidth, are significant. We simply could no longer foot the bill without some modest income from the site. Access to the downloads is now faster, easier and still very affordable. Visit the Buy Downloads page to find out how to purchase access to the Digital ToyBox where you can download all 97 videos from 2002-2005!

Read more about the journey that brought you this new site. And please, send your feedback, we’d love to hear from you!

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2 Responses to “What’s NEW at ToyBoxTales.com”

  1. Mark in Michigan Says:

    “I use your Toybox Tales every night as an incentive for my kids to get on their PJ’s, go to the bathroom, and brush their teeth. If they get that all done by a certain time, they get to gather around the computer for one of your Toybox Tales. Bedtime has never been so easy! Thanks!” – Mark in Michigan

  2. Karl Bastian Says:

    Facebook connect now works on ToyBoxTales.com, meaning you can log in with your Facebook account and your comment on ToyBoxTales.com will appear on your Wall with a link to the tale. How cool is that?