Reign Of The Dark Knight: Attack Of The Clones

This is a powerful (and funny) parable of salvation.  Through the adventures of three little knights Moe, Joe, and Boe — children will see how God allowed Satan free in order to teach us about both his power and mercy.  End with a surprising death and resurrection of the main character, the King’s Son, the Champion.  This is a special series, each stands alone, but is part of a four part saga!

The Dark Knight appeared before the three and told them he’d be back to destroy them.

Moe, Joe, and Boe have no idea how to defeat the Dark Knight. It’s a good thing Kamino dropped by and told them he has a clone army he can give them.

The clone army gathered and was ready to defeat the Dark Knight.

However, the Dark Knight smashed them like tomatoes. He told the three he’ll be back to destroy them if they don’t bow down before him.

The Champion arrived and told Moe, Joe, and Boe that all they needed was to call on him for help.

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