Suey! Suey!

Meet Lance Dodgers, the greatest lawyer in the world.  He was on his way to making lots of money in the wrong way when a little girl asked him what God’s will is.  He ended up praying and praying to find out that His will isn’t about making money, but trusting our life to God and living a life of honesty.

Mr. Lance Dodgers has lots of clients. Anakin Skywalker needed help suing Count Dooku for chopping his arm off.

Count Dooku wanted to sue George Lucas for giving him a funny name.

Mr. Dodgers had an easy job making money suing people, not until a little girl wanted help in knowing God’s will. Mr. Dodgers found out he can contact God through prayer.

And so he prayed and talked to God and found out that God’s will isn’t about where all His money would go when He dies.

The great lawyer had to think hard and told God that he would start being honest in his work and turn his life over to Him so that he will experience God’s wonderful will.

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