Beauty and the Beast / King of the World

Once upon a time, there was a man who thought he was the greatest man who ever lived. He learned his lesson the hard way when he was turned to a beast, and even a hamster.  When he acknowledged that Jesus is the greatest man who lived through the help of Belle, the hamster was brought back to his old self and lived happily ever.

A big strong man, he thought he was. The greatest one who ever lived. The king of the world even.

Not long after, an eagle captured him and turned him into a beast to teach him who the true greatest man who ever lived was. But then he thought he was quite a cute beast.

The eagle took him again and made him worse.

Belle dropped by the mansion and told the man that Jesus was the king, the greatest one who ever lived.

The man acknowledged Jesus and was turned back to his old self. And so the story went, and the two lived ever after.

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