Temptator Eliminator

(Winning entry in VCB Toybox Tales contest) Johnny was asked by his Mom to buy a light bulb in the store but was tempted to use the money to buy a toy instead.  The Temptator Eliminator appeared and helped Johnny obey his Mom and be a good boy.

Johnny’s Mom gave him money to buy a light bulb from the store.

Little Johnny went to the store and found the light bulb isle, but decided to visit the toy section before heading home.

Johnny found a cool toy he really wanted.

The Temptator appeared and gave Johnny ideas like telling his Mom he lost the money so that he could buy the toy. Or even stealing the toy and hiding it from his Mom.

And here comes the Temptator Eliminator, telling Johnny that it is wrong to lie to his Mom and wrong to steal even if no one notices. Johnny followed the Temptator Eliminator because he wanted to do good and please Jesus.

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