The Trading Post

Would you trade your good qualities in order to get anything you want?  Trade honesty for good grades?  Exchange humility to be popular?  Some got tricked and become prisoners.  One girl stood up and got help from Jesus the Ultimate Rescue, who reminded the people not to trade their good qualities with what the world offers.

A smart guy was willing to trade his honesty for cheating in order to get perfect grades in all his tests.

A pretty girl traded her humility in order to be the most popular in school.

The stranger tricked the spy dude to trade his trust with stealing in order to get the coolest gadgets.

A girl passing by didn’t want to trade and noticed all the people who were imprisoned because they traded their good characters.

The girl called on Jesus, the Ultimate Rescue Hero, who saved all the prisoners and reminded them not to trade their good characters with what the world offers.

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