You Only Cheat Yourself

A student forgot that they had a very important spelling test!   Crouching Sin, Hidden Temptation encouraged the student to cheat.  The student did cheat and got a perfect grade!  But he sure faced a big consequence afterwards when he didn’t know how to answer when asked by a classmate to join a big spelling contest on the radio.

The boy spent the whole night playing video games with his friend and forgot about the spelling test.

The teacher gave pretty hard items to spell.

Surprisingly, the test was interrupted for a fire drill so everyone had to evacuate. And here comes Crouching Sin, Hidden Temptation, who tempted the boy to cheat while no one was around.

The student got a perfect score! A friend of his asked for him to join a spelling contest in the radio to win big big prizes. The boy couldn’t answer because he cheated.

The boy looked for Crouching Sin, Hidden Temptation for help. He learned his lesson that the evil one helps to get people in trouble, but disappears when people are in trouble already.

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