An Arm and a Leg

Two scientists hire a dummy to test their new experiment.  The dummy had to wait until lunch break was finished, but ended up giving parts of himself to others in need.  He was rejected for the project because he wasn’t complete anymore.  This tale talks about waiting for love, to save all your pieces for the right one.

Two scientists were looking for someone to test their new human projectile technology.

A dummy arrived and was all excited to try it out. The scientists had to go for lunch break so the dummy waited.

A man dropped by and needed a hand, so the dummy gave his! Later on, he gave his legs and other arm to other people who needed them.

When the scientists came back, they rejected the dummy for the experiment because they needed a human who was complete.

Kermit talks about love, that it is not good to give away pieces of yourself but to
save all of yourself in the right time and your life will be much more exciting.

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