My Big Brother

A businessman borrowed money from a little girl because he ran out of gas and needed money to fuel his car to go to a meeting. He promised to pay it back but actually didn’t want to.  The girl told her big brother who was really big and gave the businessman a tough lesson.

A businessman was driving to his office for an important meeting but ran out of fuel and had no money to pay for gas.

He tried to get $5 from Builder Bob and others who passed by but couldn’t get any.

A girl was willing to give $5 to the man but he didn’t want to get money from a little girl. So he just borrowed the money and promised to give it back when they see each other again.

After two years, the two meet again but the man didn’t want to give back the money he borrowed. The little girl said she’ll tell her big brother but the man didn’t care.

The big brother turned out to be one huge dude! He turned the man upside down and shook him to get the $5 back. The businessman learned his lesson that it is important to keep promises. He had an aching body going home.

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