Too Late to Date

Johnny Proton flies to the future in hopes of getting a date with the new girl at school and gets a surprising lesson in patience.

Johnny Proton tries to get his best buddy to go home, because….

He has a study date coming over!
He invites her out for ice cream, only to learn that
her dad won’t let her go on a date until she is twenty-three!

Time to test the Humminator, Johnny’s Time Machine Proto-type,
so he can go ask Natalie out when she is twenty-three!

A slight miscalculation takes him toooo far into the future where
he meets an old Natalie and…

An old version of himself! “It’s just as I remember it Nat!”

Natalie and the Older Version of himself encourage him to return
to his childhood and enjoy life one day at a time — be patient!

Johnny returns and lives Happily Every After with a few dating pointers
from the future version of his new love!

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