The Power of Kindness

Purgo was promised his most wanted gift by evil Count Kookoo, but Purgo had to eliminate all the Jesudi warriors (Jesus disciples).  He was successful fighting a number of warriors but was defeated when master Yogi used the Power of Kindness.

Evil Count Kookoo will give Purgo his most wanted gift if he eliminates all the Jesudi warriors (Jesus disciples).

Purgo encounters his first Jesudi, Mace Windy.

The battle rages, but Purgo wins!

Oobi ka-noobi is next in line.

Oobi ka-noobi fights valiantly, but is also quickly defeated!

Panikin enters to defend the Jesudi warriors but master Yogi interrupts, using the Power of Kindness as his weapon. It is revealed that Purgo was a former Jesudi who turned evil because no one showed up for his birthday party.

Master Yogi tells Purgo that the Jesudis were all waiting for him to surprise him for his party, and they were going to give him an American girl doll. Purgo apologizes and becomes good again because of the Power of Kindness showed to him.
No action figures were harmed in the making of this toybox tale. Some had bad headaches, but they were OK.

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