Pirates Who Don’t Read Anything

A team of pirates miss out on a treasure simply because they don’t want to read anything.  Captain Crunch encourages all children to read the Bible daily because there are tons of treasures in it to discover.

The pirates sit back and wait to watch the rerun of Fruitty Tales on TV.

A newspaper guy drops in and offers a great deal. Instead the gang sings him their famous song:

We are the pirates who don’t read anything
We just stay at home and watch TV
And if you ask us to read anything
We just tell you we don’t read anything

A McNugget arrives and tells the gang that there is a treasure of Captain Crunch under the X in the map. However, the pirates refuse to do anything because they don’t want to read maps.

And so Mr. Chicken McNugget gets the treasure all for himself.

Captain Crunch arrives and celebrates with Mr. McNugget and tells of the same lesson that all children should read the Bible because it has lots of treasures for them.

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