The Apprentice

On the pilot episode of the TBT “Apprentice,” a rich business man named Donald Chump, gives $100 to a group of toys and tells them, “Show me what you can do with $100.” Each of them runs off eager to get the job as his apprentice! They all buy or invest the money in some profitable way, but one toy uses all the money to give and bless others. She wins the contest!

Winnie the Pooh was the first contestant and spent all the money on honey. He got fired.

E.T. built a spaceship and phoned home with his money. He didn’t get the job.

Bob the Builder built a home improvement chain called House Depot. Mr. T spent his money on gold chains. Ms. Piggy wrote a book on weight loss. Scooby Doo bought lots of Scooby snacks. Donald Chump wasn’t impressed with any of them.

A little girl spent her $100 feeding a homeless person, bought a bicycle for a friend, and even got school supplies for another girl. Donald was so happy and hired her.

Donald Chump hires people the same way God looks for those who will work for Him to be generous and be a blessing to others.

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