Tea Time In The Fire

It was tea time for three little girls, Meshack, Youshack, and Abungaloe, when Sergeant Plasto arrived.  Fed up together with plastic army men getting no respect, he insisted the girls bow to him or else be thrown in the fire! They chose to trust God rather than bow to man, and were miraculously saved in the flames. (However, a few of the plastic army men learned what happens when plastic gets too close to the fire!)

Sergeant Plasto disrupts tea time of the girls and commands them to bow to him because he wants to rule the toy kingdom.

The three girls refused because they only bow to Jesus. And so the sergeant called his soldiers to throw Meshack, Youshack, and Abungaloe in the fire.

The girls seemed to be fine! Sergeant Plasto got furious and ordered the soldiers to make the fire a lot hotter. It got so hot that the soldiers melted!

The sergeant looked in the fire and saw four people, the other one being Jesus, who helped Meshack, Youshack, and Abungaloe not be burned in the fireplace.

Sergeant Plasto let the girls go and realized that Jesus truly is the only One whom people should bow down to.

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