Galactic Christmas Carol Part One

Ebenezer Vader is a grumpy mean evil man who hated Christmas because his workers always wanted to take the day off.  The ghost of Christmas past visited him to show him what a good person he was a long time ago; how his mother had great dreams for him, Yoda taught him good Jedi skills, and Queen Amidala loved him.

Grand Moff Cratchit requested if the workers could go home early for Christmas Eve and take the day off for Christmas. Ebenezer Vader agreed but was very upset.

Ebenezer Vader slept in his office and was visited by the ghost of Christmas past.

She showed him his childhood when his mother had great dreams for him to be a good person.

The next vision were of visitors who asked Ebenezer to join them to become a jedi in order to promote peace in the galaxy.

Then there was yoda who taught him the force and even Queen Amidala who loved him. Ebenezer was sorry and wanted to become a good person.

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