Galactic Christmas Carol Part Two

The story of Ebenezer Vader continues as he gets visited by the spirit of Christmas present.  They visited a party where Ebenezer wasn’t invited because he was a grumpy guy.  They saw a sick boy who even prayed for Darth Scrooge, Ebenezer’s other name.

The Spirit of Christmas Present visit Ebenezer Vader.

They visit the party of Fuzzy Winkle and Grand Moff Cratchit. Ebenezer Vader wasn’t invited because the others thought he was a mean old grumpy man.

Tiny Tim, Grand Moff’s son, was sick but he prayed for a meaningful Christmas and even Darth Scrooge, Ebenezer Vader’s other name.

Ebenezer Vader said he learned his lesson but the Spirit said there was one more Spirit to come.

And Darth Scrooge went back to sleep awaiting the last visitor…

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