Galactic Christmas Carol Part Three

Ebenezer Vader is visited by the last spirit and finds the true meaning of Christmas when they visited the first Christmas, Jesus birth.  Ebenezer was glad that Jesus loves him and died for his sins.  He then celebrated with his friends and did very nice things.

Ebenezer Vader is visited by the spirit of Christmas future.

The spirit was so scary so the rat, also known as the spirit of Christmas super dooper past, took over and brought Ebenezer Vader to the first Christmas.

The story of Jesus was told, how He was brought to the world to save sinners and become our Savior.

Ebenezer Vader was glad that Jesus died for his sins and learned the true meaning of Christmas.

Darth Scrooge woke up and visited the Cratchits and did nice things to them and happily celebrated Christmas.

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