Object Talks #005: The Bottle and the Fork

November 30th, 2009

This video features a conversation between a growing fork who challenges his friend the baby bottle, who has remained back in a younger children’s class, to consider stepping up to some meatier spiritual food.

Featured Verse: Hebrews 5:14

Source Curriculum: DiscipleTown Unit #2: “How to Use My Bible”

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Object Talks #004: Nerve to Serve

November 14th, 2009

This is my son’s favorite Object Talk! All I have to do is quote the first line of this Object Talk at the dinner table, and soon we are quoting the next several minutes of it! Ketchup and mustard bottles will never be the same in our home!

Featured Verse: Romans 12:11

Source Curriculum: DiscipleTown Unit #1: “How to Worship God”

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Object Talks #003: Live to Give

November 14th, 2009

I wish I had titled this “The Lock and the Rock,” but sometimes you think of a better title later. In this Object Talk, you have a serious padlock who is quite serious about locking things up learning that sometimes security isn’t the most important thing when he meets a valuable ring that is about to be given away because of love!

Featured Verse: Proverbs 11:24

Source Curriculum: DiscipleTown Unit #1: “How to Worship God”

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Object Talks #002: The Connection

November 6th, 2009

This is one of my little boy’s favorite Object Talks that he has on his iPod. I hear him quoting it in the other room, even though I know at age three he doesn’t get half the jokes! But he does understand prayer, and often reminds us at meals or bedtime to pray! Have you connected with God today?

Source Curriculum: DiscipleTown Unit #1: “How to Worship God”

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Object Talks #001: Magnify God

October 20th, 2009

A conversation between a young 10x magnifying glass and an older 200x microscope illustrates what it means to “Magnify the Lord” in daily life. Use this short teaching video to show the kids or to train a leader to do the talk “live.”

Featured Verse: Psalm 69:30

Source Curriculum: DiscipleTown Unit #1: “How to Worship God”

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An Introduction to Object Talks

It was time for a new generation of ToyBox Tales. The first three seasons were done live in Kids Church in front of a live audience and were a lot of fun, so when I started to write the DiscipleTown Kids Church Curriculum, I wanted to include a video to show kids.  However, making ToyBox Tales without a live audience just wasn’t the same. The “magic” of the ad lib in front of a live audience isn’t there when you make a video in a studio. So what did I do? I went to Walmart!

Yup! I went to the store and walked around late one night looking for a new idea. We had tried a fancy new idea with green screen that was pretty cool (maybe we’ll even post that someday), but there was no way we could produce four of those a month! My cart was overflowing with all kinds of ideas that could result in possible videos. But I needed something that I could produce quickly, still played off my wacky sense of humor, and still felt like a ToyBox Tale… even if these were scripted to ensure proper timing and professionalism that matched the excellence that DiscipleLand was bringing to the project.

I finally asked myself, “What do I want to do?”   I answered, “I want to do object lessons.” Then I asked myself, “What are you good at, I mean, what can you do without even thinking about it?”  I laughed while answering, “Pick up objects and start making them talk!” And then it HIT ME…


Instead of telling stories with action figures, I would tell stories with objects.  In contrast to just holding an object and talking about it, I would have the objects do the talking! Forget all the props… I just bought some wiggly eyes that I could put on any object.  Add in a T-shirt that matched the trademark DiscipleLand color to allow me to blend into the background, and wa-la, Object Talks were born!

The contest was tested with a sample video posted on YouTube, which allowed for some helpful feedback from family and friends.  It was then perfected and reshot for curriculum usage, which is what you can view above.  Enjoy!

Next Generation of TBT is Here!

July 29th, 2009

For those who have been bugging me to “make more ToyBox Tales” I am excited to let you know about something NEW that is coming to ToyBoxTales.com – it is called OBJECT TALKS and the very first sample is below and there are many more to come! In fact, ObjectTalks.com will forward to this site as children everywhere will be watching these new videos in church as part of a BRAND NEW children’s church curriculum coming out THIS FALL!

WANT THE SCOOP? Here is the TOP SECRET ANNOUNCEMENT about the new curriculum:

AND BELOW is the very first SNEAK PEEK pre-release video from this new curriculum. As the YouTube description says, “The next generation of talking toys that teach biblical truths from that crazy creator of ToyBoxTales.com, Karl Bastian, is here!” In this first episode, a conversation between a young 10x magnifying glass and his 200x grandfather illustration from Psalm 69:30 what it means to Magnify the Lord. Each lesson in DiscipleTown will include a downloadable Object Talk video to show as part of the lesson.

Every episode will include talking objects, feature scripture and teach a biblical truth. The Object Talks videos will be FREE FOR KIDS to few online here at ToyBoxTales.com (or ObjectTalks.com) but will be available as a high resolution downloadable video as part of the DiscipleTown curriculum.

More details will be available soon on DiscipleTown. STAY TUNED!

Welcome Timber-lee Campers!

June 15th, 2009

If you were with Pastor Karl at Camp Timber-lee then you are probably here looking for the Panakin Skyhopper videos. To make it easy for you, I’ve put them right here on the home page!

Starting the series on the Adventures of Panakin Skyhopper, a band of superhero brothers were happily chit chatting about their stories of fighting villains.   However, they do not like their small brother Panakin Skyhopper, who was their dad’s favorite, and who kept on talking about great things he can do when he grows old.  The brothers didn’t like him so they sold him to a bunch of bounty hunters passing by.

(Joseph sold as a slave)

(Just click on video to start playing)

In episode 2 of the adventures of Panakin Skyhopper, the bounty hunters sell Panakin to Pizza the Hut.  Panakin turns out to be a great mechanic so Pizza the Hut put him in charge of all his robots.  However, Panakin was sent to the pit of despair when the old person in charge blamed him for wanting to destroy R2D4, Pizza the Hut’s favorite robot.

(Joseph proves trustworthy)

Episode 3 of the adventures of Panakin Skyhopper begins with Panakin entering the pit of despair.  Two inmates had dreams that night and Barney helped interpret them which both came true.

(Joseph, Interpreter of Dreams)

Episode 4 of the adventures of Panakin Skyhopper starts as Pizza the Hut having a terrible dream of 7 evil M&Ms and 7 Pez dispensers eating the good ones, and wanted someone to interpret.  A lot of wise men tried but failed.  Mr. T. suggested Panakin and he was able to interpret it.  Panakin then gets transformed to a superhero — Superman!

(Joseph Saves the Day!)

The 5th and last episode of the adventures of Panakin Skyhopper jumps 7 years in advance when millions of warehouses of candy were setup to prepare for the 7 years of no candy.  Superman / Panakin was surprised as his superhero brothers visit the candy warehouse to get some.  He forgives them for what they have done and felt good that he did.

(Joseph Forgives His Brothers)

I hope you enjoy them all over again! Remember, if you trust God, like Joseph did (or Panakin), God will always work out even bad situations for good – just keep trusting him!

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What’s NEW at ToyBoxTales.com

January 20th, 2009

Welcome to the ALL NEW ToyBoxTales.com website!

So What’s New?

  • Completely Searchable!
  • Categories of Topics AND Characters
  • Easy to View One-Click Flash Videos
  • Affordable Access to All Downloads on One Page
  • New Products Coming Soon!

The NEW ToyBoxTales.com has been completely redesigned to provide a completely searchable website, faster viewing of videos, and new design style soon to match our product packaging.

You may notice that there are no longer free downloads on the website. First of all, there are a LOT of kids who visit this site, and the download to view method was difficult and confusing for them. Parents have requested simply flash videos for a long time and we are happy to make the site much for kid-friendly.

Secondly, ToyBoxTales.com has been provided completely free of charge as a gift from Kidology.org since 2002. However, the costs of hosting this site due to high traffic, very high data storage and extremely high download bandwidth, are significant. We simply could no longer foot the bill without some modest income from the site. Access to the downloads is now faster, easier and still very affordable. Visit the Buy Downloads page to find out how to purchase access to the Digital ToyBox where you can download all 97 videos from 2002-2005!

Read more about the journey that brought you this new site. And please, send your feedback, we’d love to hear from you!

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The ToyBox Tales Journey

January 20th, 2009

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to finally launch the ALL NEW ToyBoxTales.com website!

The birth and growth of ToyBox Tales is such a surprise and delight to me! It’s kinda been the accidental ministry I founded! What began as simple a creative way to teach one story at Camp Timber-lee is 2001 and grown into a ministry tool that is used in hundreds of churches – and seen by more children than I care to even estimate, but certainly thousands. (It’s a little embarrassing! A grown man known for playing with his toys!)

The ToyBox Tales website has been separate journey in itself. Read the rest of this entry »

You Must Confront Vision

November 13th, 2007

Listen in on a worn-out CP during a 10-minute “therapy” session with noted children’s pastor counselor, NoDuh, the Wide One.

This 101st Toybox Tale is part of the Kidology Online Training Leadership Lab #2: Visionary Leadership, and is available for sale as part of the online training Download Kit.